Classifier® Filter

The Air Conveying Corp. Classifier® Filters are The Only TRUE Zero Pressure Separators on the Market Today.  They are custom designed to suit the specific needs of our customers.  They range in volumes from 5,000 CFM Single Grade to our largest so far at 110,000 CFM 2 Grade.  They can be fitted with any of our After Filters to return the cleaned conveying air back to the plant.  These units are the Cleanest Separators on the market and are designed to maintain a baler chute pressure of 1/8 to 3/8 inches of water Negative Pressure without the use of a problematic and maintenance intensive airlock.  This means absolutely no leaks!  Even from the baler!  The pressure can also be adjusted up or down with the touch of a button.  Touch Screen Controls and state of the art feedback make the Classifier® a very versatile Separator Filter.  OSHA approved Cat Walks and Access Ladders with Safety Gates provide access to the Material and Filter Section.  A Plug Detector also comes standard with the Classifier®.

Class 1 Fresno
Class 2 LACorr

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