Dust Briquetters

Briq 3Never have to clean out the filter again! Air Conveying Corp. offers a line of Briquetters from a leading manufacturer that can solve all of the problems associated with dust handling and processing, even with older less efficient filters.  Dust has always been a problem in the paper industry.  The Briquetters Air Conveying Corp. offers start with a wide mouth hopper that is designed to empty. Dust can accumulate in the hopper or fall at odd intervals from the filter and still be efficiently processed without the use of vibrators or air blast nozzles in the filter hoppers.  Success of the Briquetting operation does not depend on the size, consistency or ability of the dust to free flow from the filter.  The end product is a small crisp and solid Briquette that is directed into a bin or Gaylord and is easily removed and disposed of.  The results are an extremely clean environment free of any airborne dust hazards.  Bales are cleaner and dust blow outs from the baler are minimized.


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