P1020996The Most Efficient Airveyor in the Industry. The Air Conveying Corp. Airveyor is equipped with a 3 h.p. or 5 h.p. Pressure Blower regardless of width or length instead of a 10 or 15 h.p. motor and huge blower that our competitors use. Because of the ACC design of of the air in-feed, cavity and conveying surface the ACC design is extremely efficient saving you equipment cost and electricity. The Airveyor has a strong top which allows your operator to walk on it during set ups and cleaning or repairs to the machine without damaging the Airveyor. It is designed to convey the scrap to a specifically designed Airveyor Pick Up Hood at the discharge end of the Airveyor. We can also utilize the Airveyor in a sequencing system between 2 machines. The Airveyor is also equipped with deflector side sheets.



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Mike Regan

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